Tuesday, August 14, 2012

CX @ Brewery Ommegang Update

To all our CX friends: We are sad to announce that we will not be putting on the cyclocross race at Brewery Ommegang this year.

This was a difficult decision for us as the challenges, logistics and levels of support to put on such an event were just not coming together. We would like to thank the brewery for their past support and wish all a safe and successful CX season.

Saturday, May 5, 2012


This past weekend a pack of Ommegangsters headed to the southern tier for the Binghamton Circuit Race.  This race, always a popular late April fixture on the race calendar for many years, intrigues many racers as it seems to have an identity crisis in that it's not sure if it's a crit or a circuit race.  In actuality, it shares many features of both.  It's relative easy to get to location and multiple race opportunities is ideal for racers in various states of early season fitness to test themselves against their peers.

This year's edition saw no precip with pretty cool/chilly temps and while the wind was a factor as it usually is, it seemed to be slightly stronger than normal.  The strong and gusty wind made the "bottom" of the loop especially hard with riders eagerly searching for protection as they turned into the wall of wind after having a good tail wind on the downhill just moments before. 

With a variety of races on tap (brew pun intended btw) and opportunities for many to do multiple races, Ommegangsters were well represented across many of the divisions.  Ray W and Eric G had real good showings in their respective divisions with many others posting respectable placings within their divisions. 

A link to the official results is shown below:


Friday, April 27, 2012

Racing has Resumed

The Ommegangsters have been hitting the early season races here in the good ol' upstate area with some pretty respectable results right out of the gate. 

A couple weekends ago saw a number of Ommegangsters line up at the start line of the Tour of Battenkill.  This relatively young but hugely successful event probably sees some of the stiffest competition many riders will face most of the year.  With the punchy hills and dirt roads thrown in for good measure, a few guys had pretty respectable rides including some top 10 and 20 action in the huge fields.  Results are here:  http://www.bikereg.com/Results/2012/04/14-Battenkill.asp

The following weekend saw some of the gang headed to Bloomfield for some road style circuit action while another batch went down to Prattsburgh for a unique CX/MTB event.  Racers at both events were somewhat blindsided by the dreary cold & wind that was considerably cooler than predicted.  

At Bloomfield,  some respectable results with the conditions alone proving to be extremely challenging based on the number of DNFs across the varying categories.  Bloomfield results here:   http://www.yellowjacketracing.com/2012.  (Props to Ommegangster friend & rival Dave F for his win at Bloomfield.)

The Ramble Around Prattsburgh also saw similar tough weather conditions with a all around good showing including a couple guys making top 5's in their respective divisions.   Ramble results here: http://ramblearoundprattsburgh.blogspot.com/p/2012-rambler-results.html

Binghamton up next with fingers crossed for some sunshine and temps over 45.  Get out there!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Great Beer Deserves Great Food Dinner & New Ales Coming Soon

Chef Ty-Lor Boring was at Cafe Ommegang for the second instalment of Great Beer Deserves Great Food (GBDGF) this past Saturday evening.  The Mrs. & I attended this sold out event and lucked out as we were seated next to resident brewmaster Phil L.  It was a fun night with plenty of Ommegang cheer to accompany the great menu.  The menu you ask .. see below

First course:  Paired with Hennepin
Forest Mushrooms on Pizza Blanca 
Made with thyme, tokyo scallions, & white soy

Second Course: Paired with Duvel Golden Ale
Bouchot Mussels
Made with Ommegang Witte ale, shallots, celery, thyme & laurel

Third Course: Paired with BPA(Belgian Pale Ale)
Brewers Yeast Roasted Chicken
Made with lacinato, dates, rosemary, orange, & fried egg aioli

Fourth Course: Paired with 3 Philosophers
Rice Chex & Pretzel Marshmellow Treat
Made with white miso, brown butter, dark chocolate, & peanut butter

This was a great time and I highly suggest you get out there for a GBDGF dinner if you get a chance -- it was a truly unique and fun experience.  These dinners may become a monthly (or near monthly) happening so stay abreast by checking out Ommegang on FB and/or the Ommegang and GBDGF websites.

And .....From the "New Ales Coming Soon" department, while tilting my head back (if you know what I mean), I noted several large banner signs on the adjacent wall in the Cafe dining area promoting upcoming events and brews.   Note the limited edition, speciality, and one-off ales in the pic below.

For those that have searched it out, you may have found the Q1 offering called Seduction.  The Q2 offering called Art of Darkness (see prior blog entry) is now on sale at the brewery and may be arriving in some retailers in the near future.  The remainder of the offerings for 2012, as you may note, include a Biere de Garde, Black Duvel / Black Abbey, a Belgian Independence Day Triple, a Harvest Cream Ale, a 15th Anniversary Ale, and an Opera Ale.  Lot's to look forward to in the coming months.  Cheers!

{Oh yeah, with this being a bike team blog, I should note I rode for 4.5 hrs to establish a proper calorie deficit prior to the dinner ... does that count?}

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Art of Darkness

While you await the April release of Art of Darkness, (a limited edition release described as a deep, dark, and rich ale), you might consider Seduction (a speciality ale offering balanced chocolate-cherry notes, a bit of caramel sweetness, and a long, slow finish).  With a little searching you should be able to locate some Seduction now at your fav brew store.

On the cycling end of things, there's been unsubstantiated reports of some Ommegangsters already putting in 4+ hr rides on these mild weekends.  Of course these are counter-balanced with the usual grumblings like (a) "so much winter weight to lose", (b) "so out of shape" and (c) "can't understand why the power numbers are so low".  All in all it's shaping up to be another great year of riding & racing.  See Ya Out There.

Friday, January 27, 2012

Walking on The Moon? Get there with a Moonlander

Walking on the Moon -- something automatically triggers this song in my head when I see or read about the Surly Moonlander,  Moonlander you ask ... think "fat bike" or "snow bike" ... one of those mountain bikey looking things with wheels/tires that look like they're on steroids.  Check out the Surly website and peruse a few YouTube clips of the Moonlander or it's cousin "Pugsley" to see them in action.  There are even some Fat Bike races in some of the snowy spots around the land.

Now you're probably thinking they look like a whole lot of fun and it would be cool to try one out .. now if only -- stop right there because our friends at Syracuse Bicycle will be offering a Fat Bike Demo session this Saturday (1/28/12) at Long Branch park in Liverpool from 12 to 3.  This is your chance .. get out of the house and off the trainer and hop aboard a fat bike... no fee and an almost guarantee of a few smiles on a unique set of wheels.
Here's a link for more info ...

Thursday, December 8, 2011

4th Annual Bikes and Brews Night

4th Annual Bikes and Brews Night
To Benefit Toys for Tots!
Ommegang BeersSyracuse Bicycle and our local cycling Team Ommegang presents the 4th Annual "Bikes and Brews" on Thursday, December 15th, from 6-9pm at Syracuse Bicycle. Once again, we are excited to partner with the US Marine Corps Toys for Tots program at this event. So bring along a new, unwrapped toy, come enjoy a glass of Ommegang beer, a few appetizers, and make a child very happy this holiday season! RSVP on Facebook or to trish@syracusebicycle.com.

Hope to See Ya There !